Meet Destiny

Two words that describe Destiny are strong and determinedDue to false allegations, she lost custody of her newborn daughter in 2018. When Destiny first came to Huck House, she was seeking services to complete her parenting plan in order to regain custody of her daughter.  

Instead of settling for the circumstances given to her, she was determined to overcome challenges presented to her. Destiny was unstably housed and had a history of trauma and substance use concerns. Destiny took the steps to improve her life, including gaining stable housing and employment, stopping substance use, and linking with a counselor and parenting mentor at Huck House. 

Destiny continues to have stable housing and employment and participates on the Youth Action Board through the Community Shelter Board. She is motivated to help other youth. 

Destiny is a strong and determined young adult. She has not let circumstances determine her life, instead she takes the circumstances, works with them, and creates her own life. She is intelligent, honest, and insightful when meeting with her team. It has been amazing to see her evolution throughout the past year, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

Meet Daaron

Daaron is an amazing young man who has used his past struggles to fuel a determined future. Daaron is determined to stop the unhealthy cycles of abuse that has been present in his family. He has lived through domestic violence in his home to become a 4.0 student who excels both in the classroom and in athletics. He is a starter on the Walnut Ridge football, basketball, and baseball teams. He also sings and plays several instruments. Daaron is a part of the Be the One Program and a member of the PBIS committee at Walnut Ridge High School. Daaron’s dream is to attend the United State Naval Academy for an opportunity to serve as an officer in the United States Navy.