Huck House Youth Award Winner Sara Parker

When Sara first came to Focus Learning Academy in 2015, she had one credit under her belt. She has faced a tremendous amount of adversity throughout her life and she has risen above it all to become a successful student as well as a positive individual. Sara battled abuse, drugs, and a life of crime. Growing up in a difficult and dangerous home, she was a runaway for most of her teenage life. She received little to no support from her parents, while she attempted to take care of her younger siblings.

With sheer willpower,Sara turned her life around. In two years’ time, she earned the credits necessary to graduate, worked to provide for herself, found a safe home, and got clean. Today

she is honest about her struggles and challenges and she uses them to continue to encourage herself and others. With her willingness and dedication to work towards change, she has achieved her high school diploma and improved her life. Besides being a generous and kind person, Sara is also an inspiration.

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