Huck House Youth Award Winner Kareena Fox

Kareena left an abusive and violent relationship with the father of her daughter and came to Huck House unsure of what she wanted in life. She was unsure how to be on her own. Over the past year, she has worked tremendously hard on making a better life for herself and her child. She has built up her self-confidence and self-worth and is able to set limits and boundaries for herself when she needs them. She has held a job for the past six months and has saved up to buy a car. She continues to provide for her beautiful and happy one year old girl. Kareena is a joy to work with and is a great example of strength.

Kareena envisions a future in which she attends culinary school and has an apartment of her own. Because she is a hard and dedicated worker, she will undoubtedly reach these goals. Over the past year, Kareena has experienced exceptional growth. She can achieve anything she sets her mind to!

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