Huck House Youth Award Winner Chakhinia “Chi Chi” Galbraith

Anyone who meets Chi Chi knows instantly there is something special about her. She never gets down about her circumstances, but stays focused on creating a positive future for herself. Raised and adopted through the foster care system, she didn’t grow up in the easiest environment. When circumstances caused her to leave home and family when she turned 18, she became homeless, living on the land. When she first came to Focus Learning Academy to finish her high school education, she lacked family, friends, security, shelter and food.

In the last five months, Chi Chi has completed all her requirements for graduation, has housing through Huckleberry House’s Transitional Living Program (TLP), and is now working. It is exciting to think about where she will end up with the support of the awesome team of people who have grown to love her and are charged with making sure she is never left alone and vulnerable again.

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