Meet Huck House Youth Award Winner, Brittney Evans.

Brittney was adjudicated from the age of 16 to 20. When her adjudication ended, Brittney had some serious life goals. One she achieved quickly was earning her GED within six months of being released. One she is still working on is regaining custody of her son who was ten weeks old when her adjudication began. She worked hard and met all the requirements of Huck House’s Transitional Living Program – always working, saving money, staying on top of her custody fight. And she quit smoking!

Brittney graduated and moved out of TLP on the day her second son was born. She now has new goals. In one year, she wants to be ready for her newborn’s needs as he enters toddlerhood, renew her lease, and be ready for Christmas. In five years, she hopes to have a deposit for a house and be in school for social work. “I really want to work with kids from where I came from – either at Huck House or in the juvenile justice system – so I can help them get to a better life.” For now, she is working for temp services to get back to work after her baby’s birth. Finding a job and a child care center that will make it easy for her to continue to breastfeed for one year is a priority.

When asked when she feels strongest, Brittney says, “every time I have to leave my oldest son after a visit because I want to bring him home with me.” When asked how she finds the strength to get through those hardest moments, she answers, “I find my strength knowing in my heart that it will happen someday.”