Huck House Youth Award Winner Aniyha Rivers

At the age of 17, Aniyha felt that she could become homeless at any moment due to intense conflict with her mother that often resulted in Aniyha being kicked out. Aniyha had lived with her mom since the age of 13 and never felt like her mom really wanted her in the home. Due to Aniyha’s situation, she felt unwanted and sad and began to struggle in school. Once in Huck House’s Transitional Living Program (TLP), it was clear that Aniyha wanted more for herself.

She got a job as a teller at PNC Bank, where she quickly acclimated to her position. She has purchased her own vehicle and has saved over $9,000 while in TLP. Aniyha has come a long way from feeling anger and depression. She now has a calm manner, she thinks positively, she’s respectful, and she knows what she wants out of life. Aniyha has a dream of becoming a pediatric nurse. With the changes she has already made and her determination, she can go the distance.

Group Huck House-2